3 Reminders to Avoid LTO Penalties


If you drive in Metro Manila, chances are, a traffic enforcer has pulled you over at least once or twice. And you were probably thinking, “Oh no, what did I do? What’s going to happen now?”. Being caught in that anxious position is a hassle that nobody would want to go through again. Here are some tips on how to prepare yourself in order to avoid LTO penalties.

1. Have your valid driver’s license with you

Without a driver’s license, you could be fined for at least Php 1,500, whether your drivers’ license has been expired for the past few months or you simply forgot it in another bag.

On top of that, you will be disqualified from driving, and from being granted a driver’s license for an entire year. Renewing your driver’s license on time will keep you away from trouble in the future.

Check the list of fines and penalties here.


2. Keep your OR/CR in your car

The Official Receipt and Certificate of Registration are your proof of ownership and your vehicle’s identification. The fine of not having these documents on-hand could cost you up to Php 10,000.

Make sure to keep your OR/CR in your car at all times, and to renew your car registrations no more than 60 days before its expiration date.


3. Make sure all car parts are working properly

Have your car checked regularly. It will save you from getting into expensive repair costs, or better yet- a fine of Php 5,000 for driving a car without proper car parts such as the brake system and the car light system.

Getting your car maintained will help avoid LTO penalties, but most importantly, it will keep you and your loved ones safe.


By following these tips, we assure you that you will have an easier experience with LTO. Always make sure you’re on time to avoid late fees.

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LTO Registration Reminder: Avoild LTO Penalties

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