Auto Shop 101: Everything You Need to Know


It’s tempting to think of an auto shop as a hospital that caters to your car’s general state.
However, in order to gain a better grasp of its everyday operative life, it would be a more analogously fruitful if we think of an auto shop as a sports team-like entity, with each on-field player serving his/her own purpose out on the court and executing the assigned play: servicing your vehicle!


This article isn’t concerned with serving as a guide to versing the reader with sterilized notions of whether or not your being bamboozled by charlatan servicemen.
This is purely a general overview of the nucleic center and everything within the encompassing walls of a typical auto shop. So here’s how they get down and dirty with your car’s nuts and bolts!


Have you ever wondered what goes into the everyday inner workings of an auto shop?

  1. Work Sectors
  2. Operational Expertise
  3. Facilities
  4. Employees
  5. Customer Service


Auto Shop 101: Work Sectors


Work Sectors

These are the individual departments that serve as the heart of an auto shop – the hands-on pistons that define a car shop and its connective vocational tissue.


Having problems with your starter and/or your alternator? Sounds like something definitely for the electrical department.
A random engine pulley is worn out? Definitely something the mechanical team should check out.


Auto Shop 101: Operational Expertise


Operational Expertise

Interestingly, not all auto shops provide the same services. Many auto shops focus primarily on one service and cater purely to a more specific clientele. In the business world, this is what we refer to as a company’s niche.


Some auto shops exclusively just provide for a vehicle’s detailing, like a good old paint job for instance. It goes without saying that specifically aesthetic matters that have nothing to do with how a car’s running condition is what we have come to know as ‘Body Shops’.
Just because a shop doesn’t offer repair services does not mean it isn’t qualified as an auto shop!


Auto Shop 101: Facilities



Space, space, space. An auto shop’s facilities are the bread and butter for their work sectors.
It’s absolutely imperative that an auto shop providing a distinct service should carry along with its workers – which are the appropriate tools for getting the job done!


Humanity, since its most historic and primal state, has always learned to use tools in order to adapt and survive.
A long way we have come in this adaptive journey and these advanced tools we have developed often boggles the mind, and it goes without saying that in terms of an auto shop, the required service equipment should fit legal operating standards and specifically ordered from legitimate manufacturers. Besides, car lifts are no joke!


Auto Shop 101: Employees



If we establish the aforementioned facet that comes in to play with auto shop operations and hire just anybody, then you know that said auto shop would be a total bust.


Employees, who have an ample knowledge and the right skill sets, are the soul of an auto shop.
These technicians, mechanics, and clerks are the ones who literally give an auto shop life.


Auto Shop 101: Customer Service

Customer Service

This section of the article probably has the least to do with actual automotive vehicles and is more concerned with the purely business aspect that comes into running an auto shop.
Shop policies are the main foreground for any successful transactions since these are facets that correlate with the many service rates that go into the actual labor.


Besides general accommodation and attitude towards catering to the customer, auto shops should find it in their initiative creed to make clear to the customer their regulative warranty policies and should also be well attuned with insurance protocol.


Key Takeaway

Besides the intricate specificities of the actual craft that goes into car labor, it doesn’t take much to form a skeletal picture of what goes into an auto shop’s everyday system.
Just remember to choose an auto shop that is very reliable and efficient to your every car needs.


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